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Spa Day at Lokahi

Home Spa Treatments – Plant Enhanced Healing Potions

Total Spa Relaxation

Healing, satisfying and fun are the words that come to mind when anointing one’s body with garden fresh scrubs, lotions, masks, oils and mists made from your own garden. At Lokahi Garden Sanctuary recently, I and some of our farm interns put aside weeding and created some spa time to enjoy the plant world in a different and relaxed way.

We gathered, prepared and used some fruits, flowers and medicinal herbs from the land for facial and foot treatments.

Here is how we did it.

  1. We took a leisurely walk around our gardens and gathered the aromatic herbs, flowers and/or flower petals that called to us at the moment to use in our foot bath…spearmint for stimulation, rosemary for skin toning and softening, thyme as an anti-septic, lemon balm for calming and as an anti viral , roses for love , and calendula for skin nourishment. You can chose whatever is available and appeals to you.
  2. From our trees, we collected papaya and avocado and harvested one cucumber.
  3. We included hawaiian salt and coconut palm sugar in our preparations.

Arrange a comfortable place to sit where you can lean your head back.

Float the herbs and flowers in some hot water in a container the right size to soak your feet. Have some Hawaiian salt available to scrub your feet after the soak.

Mush up 1 tablespoon of fresh papaya for a facial exfoliant, 1 tablespoon of avocado for a facial mask, slice two thin rounds of cucumber to cover your eyes

Start with the foot soak for 5 or 7 minutes while drinking some fresh brewed garden tea. Follow the foot soak with a salt scrub. It is fun to scrub each others feet. Rinse and dry your feet.

Then spread the papaya onto your face, lean back with the cucumber rounds over your eyelids and rest while the papaya dries and exfoliates. Rinse the papaya off.

Spread the avocado onto your face, lean back with the cucumber rounds over your eyelids and rest while the avocado dries to detoxify and mosturize. Rinse the avocado off.

Your skin will glow, your feet will tingle and you will feel rejuvenated, relaxed and beautifully connected to yourself and the plants.

Total Spa Relaxation