Living A Healthy And Joyful Life Style

The Wellness Program is suited for people who are have a desire to live a healthy, joyful life-style. The amazing natural beauty of this land and the surrounding ocean, the cultural richness, the botanical abundance and the spiritual nature of the island is the perfect environment for your journey to enhanced wellness.  This island environment, your own inner wisdom, Richard’s and  Natalie’s expertise and open-heartedness, combined with a staff who are dedicated and practiced in living vibrantly, will be your teachers.

You and your total wellness, rejuvenation and empowerment are the sole focus of your hosts Richard and Natalie during your stay at Lokahi Garden Sanctuary.  We work with one client (as an individual, with a partner, or with your family) at a time.  Dr. Liebmann, Ms. Young and the affiliated staff work together with you to evaluate your current health status and wellness goals. We then design a personalized wellness program uniquely suited to your needs.  Richard and Natalie coordinate the varied aspects of your health enhancement experience.

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